.NET User Group Berlin

Our .NET User Group in Berlin

Since the beginning of 2015 I am involved in the organizational team of the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg. Many thanks to Wernfried Schwenker, who is the founder of the group.

When I started to give some talks about Microsoft technologies, I traveled around Germany and I meet a lot of developers out there. It is a very interesting time now and it is nice to see what people are doing around. So I was looking for a home here in Berlin and I found the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg.

Since I am very interested in the user group and I want to bring this user group a little bit more forward, I started my engagement in this group. And here is a lot to do with a lot of opportunities. Thanks to Wernfried again, who let me take part in organizational aspects and give me a platform for my talks as well.

Now, I am proud to be a technical community leader here in the capital of Germany. You can find me in the Microsoft Technical Community as a community leader and speaker as well: Microsoft Technical Community.

You can find news and some stories around my work in the user group Berlin-Brandenburg here on my side. There is a lot in the pipeline, so stay tuned! 🙂

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