In the Depth of the MSDN

The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) is a focal point for developers on the Microsoft development platform. The MSDN provides a lot of material. There are overviews over the development technologies, download sections for Visual Studio, SDKs and examples, a community section with forums and blogs where developers can find help from other professionals and a lot of documentation and code.

Microsoft tries to extend the MSDN day by day. And they try to do that for a bunch of languages. So, of course, the MSDN is not perfect. Content is published on English first, other languages are following weeks or months later. This content is mainly translated automatically – by a machine. Microsoft provides the possibility to help translate the content. Therefore, they established the Community Translation Home. Community members can help to improve the translations of the MSDN content and the Community Translation Home is a good starting point. There you can find HowTos for translation work, open topics that should be translated and you can contact other community members as well.

I am an active member of this community as well as a translation moderator. So I have to approve suggestions for translations from other community members. I am actively working on translations, too. So I see a lot of MSDN content day by day. Of course, the documentation from Microsoft is not perfect and not complete at all. But there is a lot of interesting stuff! And that’s it, what I like to show you!

My blog series “MSDN Dive” will show you interesting material from the MSDN on a weekly base! You will be excited, what you can find there! So don’t miss to follow this series!

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