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My name is Robin Sedlaczek. I am working as a software developer since I was 14 years old. My first contact with a computer was back in 1989 when I saw MS DOS the first time. To this time I was 8 years old. There was this manual about GW BASIC and since I saw it, it became my bible. I started to write simple graphic applications. All without any sense. 🙂 But I realized very fast, that software development would be my passion.

When I was 14, I started to develop some applications for a fitness center in my hometown Buetzow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the north of Germany. This time, I was a pupil and so I earned some money with that. Thanks back to the guys who gave me the job. When I finished school I went to Berlin to start my education as a professional software developer at microTool. microTool develops CASE tools. Starting with a tool for ER modelling and code generation, we came to develop the UML tool objectiF. With this tool it was possible to model your application with UML and generate the code to C++, Java and .NET. objectiF was able to do complete round-trips with Visual Studio solutions. Later we went to software factory. Modelling the whole application with technical and domain layer, objectiF was able to generate a complete application as a Java or .NET application. The third product, inStep, was a project management tool for professional use. It was a very exciting time there at microTool and I learned a lot. Thanks back to all the people who were so patient with me!

After microTool I did some software development jobs in some other industries. So I developed time management tools for the Deutsche Bahn, engineering tools for the projecting phase for the Deutsche Bahn and some engineering application for Siemens. I worked as a freelancer a long time. After that, I started to work for Ortec here in Berlin. They developed content management software for legal publishers.

Until this time I saw a lot of languages. We developed in Java, Delphi, VB6, C++ and C#. But my passion was and is the Microsoft platform, say developing with C++/C# and the .NET Framework.

I’m a .NET CodeGeek, too!

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