DevOpenSpace: Review and Slides from my Workshop about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard


At the weekend from 2017-10-13 to 2017-10-15, the 10th Developer Open Space has taken place in Leipzig. It was, again, a great event where developers came together and talked about topics they decided to talk about. We had a lot of interesting discussions and exchange of views regarding software development, technologies, patterns, management, processes and other soft skill topics.

My Workshop

On Friday, I gave a full-day workshop about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard. We talked about the technical and organisational reasons why Microsoft decided that we need a standard for class libraries and why there is .NET Core as a new vertical .NET stack. It was a very vibrating discussion with a lot of Aha-effects (on both sides).

To let you participate, here are the slides from the workshop:


And here are some impressions from the weekend:


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