Start of new Article Series in Windows Developer Magazine 11.2017: “.NET, .NET Core und .NET Standard”

In the newest issue of the Windows Developer Magazine (11.2017) I started an article series about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard. This series includes 3 articles, where I explain the problems and reasons why Microsoft restarted the .NET Framework with .NET Core. The articles will explain, why there is the need for a .NET Standard as well. Read about problems we as developers have, and internal problems Microsoft has to face when handling with the greatest development environment of the world, when it comes to requirements of modern distributed, lightweight software systems. 🙂

Read an excerpt here.

So don’t miss issue 11.2017:

Windows Developer 11.2017


  1. I dare say it is just “plain old German”, but I thought this statement was elegant and concise: “.NET Standard ist Microsofts jüngster Versuch, API-Konvergenz zu erreichen.” That’s not a comment on the insight into the technology, just about the language.

    1. In fact, it is “plain old German”. Nevertheless, thanks for the compliment. 🙂 Indeed, when writing the article, I struggled a few moments with this sentence and whether it is easy to understand and comprehensive. Great to get feedback, especially regarding language.

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