The DotNetPro magazine published two new articles from me. The first is about IncrediBuild and how you can speed up your build processes with the grid framework. But be aware: build processes are not the only thing you can speed up with IncrediBuild. QA? 3D Graphics Rendering? Time-consuming calculations? No problem for IncrediBuild. Read more in the DotNetPro magazine 06/16. about the new Team Foundation Build 2015. Read how you can automate nearly every process in your ALM. So don’t miss issue 04/2016!

Article #1: Speed up processes with IncrediBuild

The second article is about Open Source at Microsoft. Read, how Microsoft embraces Open Source and how the company makes the transition to an open and agile software vendor. Get in touch with the Open Source teams at Microsoft and start to be amazed, what they are doing and how they perform! It’s fun all the time!

Article #2: Open Source at Microsoft

Finally, the DotNetPro magazine shows me at one of the selected experts in the table of contents page.


DotNetPro 06/2016 Table of Content


So don’t miss issue 06/2016!


Written by robinsedlaczek

I am studying informatics at TU Berlin and work as project manager at Fairmas Berlin. Further I develop technical solutions in the Microsoft .Net environment.

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