A new Face

A new Face for our .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg

I am very proud to announce, that our .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg has a new lifted face! We launched our brand new web presentation some days ago.

Visit us here: http://dotnet-berlinbrandenburg.de/

It looks much more modern now and includes many sections where you can get free content and news from our user group. Download material and videos from the speakers and our events. You can now search and find the upcoming events that we will make happen in the mid of Berlin!

Please let me show you some of our most interesting features!

Events & Free Material

You can now easily see and register for our upcoming events. Therefore, the latest events and meetings will be listed at the left side bar. Navigate to the registration simply by clicking on the link in the title of an event. Our events are for FREE! 🙂 We will post the latest event in the main content in the future, too. Just to find it easier.

You can find a list of our events and some search functions via the main menu “Events“. Past and upcoming events can be searched and viewed there. You can also give feedback via comments on every page! So don’t hesitate to say us what you are thinking!

Events in our .NET User Group
Events in our .NET User Group

You can find our free material from all our events in the sub menu “Events\Materialien“. We have the slides and the code! But the best of all: we have video recordings of all our events! And we are proud to publish the first recording of Manfred Steyers talk about AngularJS. Feel free to view and download it, but do not forget to give feedback and your thoughts on it! 🙂 We would really appreciate it!


We will post news around our .NET user group on a regular base. So we have a new news area that you can find in the main menu under “News“. There will be news, announcements and reviews of our events.

News from our .NET User Group
News from our .NET User Group
Event Reviews from our .NET User Group
Event Reviews from our .NET User Group


We also have a new section for our partners. There you can find a list of persons and companies we partnering with. Find it in the main menu under “Unsere Partner“.


…we hope that you enjoy our new web site and find all the information you need. If not or if you have any other feedback, positive or negative, please let us know! Use the comment function, mail or twitter channels for your thoughts!

Hope to see you in our .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg next time!

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