MSDN Dive – Week 36

MSDN Dive – Week 36

Let’s go on with the WPF documentation this week. There are some interesting documents that can help you to understand how the WPF works and how you can gain more performance in your applications, once you understand the internals.

Freezable Objects – Learn:

  • What freezables are.
  • How freezables work internally.
  • How freezable can help you to improve performance.
  • How to use freezables.
  • How to implement your own freezables.

WPF Graphics Rendering – Learn:

  • About rendering and the visual layer in WPF.
  • What the Visual object is and how it works.
  • How to build controls with the Visual object.
  • What the visual tree is.
  • The visual rendering behavior.
  • How to profile visual performance.
  • About resolution and device-independent graphics.

Threading Model – Learn:

  • How threading is used in WPF.
  • What the Dispatcher is and how it works.
  • How to use background threads.
  • How to write components using threading.
  • What nested pumping is.

Enjoy the MSDN!

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