Some weeks ago we got really bad news. Our long-term partner and host of our meetings, the BBT GmbH Berlin cancelled our partnership and told us, that they won’t host meetings of our .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg anymore. Now, we had a big problem. We had no home anymore and no plan what to do. Where should we meet in the future? Should this be the end of the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg? Of course, not!

So we started to talk to some people. First of all, we talked to Microsoft. They have this wonderful location at Unter den Linden, right in the middle of Berlin. They call it Digital Eatery. A perfect place to meet: nice rooms, a cafeteria with excellent food and beverage and a lot of Microsoft technologies around there. But when talking to them, it turns out, that it is very difficult to get some dates there. They have their own workshops and events, and so their calendar seems to be fully booked. No option for us.

Then we talked to different companies, and of course, they wanted to partner with us as well as to sponsor the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg. But as so often, it came by accident. There was this one user group meeting where Hannes Preishuber talked about modern web application development with ASP.NET WebAPI and AngularJS. This meeting of the User Group Berlin-Brandenburg was outside of our series, so we met at ppedv in Berlin Friedrichstrasse. The ppedv AG trains people in Microsoft technologies. And Hannes is the head and founder of this company. So, while sitting in the talk, I thought to myself: why not asking Hannes? So at the end of his talk, I went to Hannes and asked him, if he likes to host our user group. And what a surprise: Yes, he likes to! 🙂 The next meeting of the user group was saved (should be the first without a host because of the cancellation of BBT). This meeting was two weeks later.

We were very thankful for the help of him. So I asked Hannes, if we can establish a constant host. Again, one week later, Hannes invites us to come to ppedv to talk with us about the conditions. It was a very productive and kind meeting there.

Now, we are proud to announce, that the ppedv AG will be the new training partner and host of the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg! They will support us with rooms, equipment and speakers. On the other hand, we will promote ppedv as our training partner. You will see this on our new website, once it was launched during the next couples of weeks.

Great, the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg has a new home! And an excellent one! Many many thanks again to Hannes Preishuber and the ppedv AG for all your help!

Hope, you like to join us in on of our meetings during the next month to enjoy the new partnership with us!

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