When I started to give talks about ASP.NET SignalR, I decided to implement a small demo application used to show the functionality of the real-time web communication framework. As a fan of Dave Kerr’s SharpGL (, the idea to write a small OpenGL-based 3D modelling tool came quickly. With this post, I like to introduce the ModelR demo application. I am hosting the code at GitHub and I like to share it with you. I am also going to write some more posts during the next few month to show some architectural aspects of ModelR and to explain patterns for flexible architectures in SignalR applications.


The following short video shows the ModelR demo application in action. Would be great to know what you are thinking! Comment on this post or contact me directly, if you like!


ModelR from Robin Sedlaczek on Vimeo.

Written by robinsedlaczek

I am studying informatics at TU Berlin and work as project manager at Fairmas Berlin. Further I develop technical solutions in the Microsoft .Net environment.

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