Entering social media…

Hi everyone!

My name is Robin and this is my first blog. It seems that everybody is blogging and so, I’ll try it, too. 😉 Maybe I have some interesting topics, maybe not. We will see.

My intention is to write something about the events, I took part in. Describe the daily situations I am living in and maybe offering some interesting ideas we can discuss about.

Maybe sometimes I am drunken, and I write shit about my girl-friend. So, don’t care about, Mark! 😉

I am a software developer, in my hart, and at this time, I am working as a project manager in a company in Berlin, developing software for strategic finance planning. I am studying informatics at TU Berlin and I am looking forward to get my diploma next year. Maybe in 2012… (Life at university is great!)

I am interested in software architecture, model driven development, agile processes and computer graphics. In my free time I am developing a 3D modelling tool with OpenGL. Yes, I know, there are so many tools around the globe, but I love it and I do not want to earn money with it! 😉 Maybe I am going to post a download link in the future. Maybe…

I hope you will enjoy my blog sometimes. If not, please let me know!

Enough about me and my first blog. Lets start…


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