ASQF: Testing in agile Environemnts

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Yesterday I visited the event “Testing in agile Environments” done by the ASQF (Arbeitskreis Software-Qualität und -Fortbildung e.V.). Visit the homepage here:

Yes, it was very interesting. Someone would say it was a course for Scrum for beginners, but it was interesting to hear all the discussions and problems in other software development teams, and how agile processes can be a way to reduce such problems. Nothing new, but interesting!

The ASQF is a pretty cool group whose members are some very cool companies and people . They try to grow up in the Berlin area whereas the group in Franken is a little bit bigger. Discussions after the event were interesting and I met some cool people. Looking forward to the next event!

There was a guy, thought, he knows the things better. Called the things unrealistic and the speaking guy someone who wants to “evangelize” agile processes, especially Scrum. I do not like guys like him, disturbing the whole event by nonsense arguments. Thinking he knows the things out of his limited experiences, as you could see. One of those guys, getting his macbook out of his bag at the beginning and looking for a power socket the first 10 minutes. Laughing about every second sentence and decline all new ideas with stupid heckling. Imagine, the average age in the room was about 35. So I expected other reactions… I do not like such people…

There was one interesting point the speaker mentioned: Every software build process should only take about 10 minutes in a continuous integration environment when doing agile processes. I like to try to get this times in my team, but I like to know if there will be a way to get this in every software projects independent of size. What about all the unit tests, regression tests, gui tests, code metrics checks and so on?

Impression from the event
Impression from the event

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