X-mas gift from a Nerd to his Wife (en/de)

How creative could a nerd be when it comes to a suitable, personal, romantic but not exaggerated Christmas present for his relationship partner..? Without wanting to be invaluable, but everyone (nerd) has to answer for themselves. Or just the gifted partner. At some point in a relationship, however, you might come to the place where you decide together not to make mutual gifts. Maybe because you just got kids. “Dear All for the kids!” Phew, super. Fine. Problem solved…

3nd Part of my Article Series in Windows Developer Magazine 01.2018: “Einer für alle – .NET Standard”

In the newest issue of the Windows Developer Magazine (12.2017) the 2nd article about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard was published by S&S. The article explains .NET Core and how it solves the problems we discussed in the first article. In the next and last article, we’ll talk about .NET Standard and how it fits into the overall picture.

DevOpenSpace: Review and Slides from my Workshop about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard

At the weekend from 2017-10-13 to 2017-10-15, the 10th Developer Open Space has taken place in Leipzig. It was, again, a great event where developers came together and talked about topics they decided to talk about. We had a lot of interesting discussions and exchange of views regarding software development, technologies, patterns, management, processes and other soft skill topics.